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Apex connection

Instant Connections

Provide your community with a 24/7, online capability for identifying their legal needs and connecting with lawyers.

Apex phone

Mobile Optimized

Most people access the internet through a smartphone. Give the public the mobile-friendly experience they need.

Apex profile

Robust Account System

Our account system allows your staff to oversee your service and your lawyers to manage their profiles and availability.

Apex automate

Automated Tasks

Eliminate wasted staff time by automating admin tasks like sending reminders, conducting surveys, and collecting fees.

Apex data

Seamless Reporting

Aggregate the data you need to generate up-to-date reports and discover novel insights to grow your impact.

Apex gear

Custom Features

We support a range of additional customizations, including features for implementing a modest means program.

Designed for social impact

Launched out of the Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood social impact incubator, is dedicated to helping bridge the justice gap. We build low-cost and no-cost technology to support bar associations, legal service providers, and the communities they serve.

This mission-first approach to legal technology is part of our DNA as a company. That’s why we incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation — a new kind of legal structure that requires us to balance what’s good for our bottom line with what’s good for the community. It's also why we offer each of our partners an Open Source Commitment — ensuring that the technology we develop continues to be a resource for their communities for decades to come.

All-in-one platform for connecting communities with local, trusted groups of lawyers.

Apex branded

Branded Intake

Use to create a user-friendly portal that allows people with legal needs to connect with members of your bar association, legal incubator, or other lawyer network. The intake portal's content, images, and logo are all customized, helping your network build trust and awareness in your community.

Apex account

Lawyer Accounts

From their lawyer accounts, members of your network can view consultation requests, report on ongoing matters, and update their public profile and availability. Optional functionality also allows members to easily remit referral fees to the network administrator.

Apex admin

Admin Dashboard

The administrator dashboard is a powerful tool to oversee the operations of your network's referral service or find-a-lawyer directory. Among other capabilities, the dashboard lets you manage your membership, view request data and survey responses, and manually add intake requests.

Apex payment

Payment Processing

Design the payment processing system that suits your model and meets the needs of your members. The platform integrates seamlessly with a wide range of third-party payment processors and lets your members remit fees by credit, debit, or check.

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