Build and distribute your own legal practice automations — without writing code

It's free to build and test. Learn from a community of other legal services professionals and create a new way to practice.

Scaling legal aid with technology

How a legal aid App was reported on by the New York Times and duplicated by public service organizations across the country, including the Debt Collective in California and the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland.

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Document automation for law firms — how to make a system

Choose how you want to automate documents: by syncing with a database or with an online form? In either case, the key to success is to think in terms of systems.

Document automation

Selling a $1,000 service for $110 and capturing a market

How a solo practicioner developed his own discretionary trust automations and undercut large tech companies to capture an underserved market.

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Your new toolkit

Powerful online forms

Quickly build simple online forms, then add powerful features to create what we call Legal Apps:

  • Automate documents
  • Conditional logic based on user-inputs
  • Sync with your database
App Builder

A useful database

Cloud-based spreadsheet that allows you to use your data to automate documents in two steps:

  1. Select a row(s) of data; then
  2. Select one of your Legal Apps to use that data to populate a document template(s).

Client portals

Branded web portals where users can access your Legal Apps and their data.

  • Customizable on a per-user basis
  • Invite any kind of user; does not need to be "clients" per se
  • Flexible paywalls
Client Portals

How do you want to get started?

Build your own law firm automations

The best way to start is by following a tutorial for the type of automation you want to build. Remember, you can test every part of for free, so go ahread and build a prototype and share it with others to get buy-in.

Discover pre-made automations and templates

The marketplace includes automations made by other legal professionals that are free or for sale.


The fastest way to add automations to your firm

Hire us to transform your documents into automation-ready templates so that you can save time, reduce error, and create new revenue streams.

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