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Technology for access to justice

Helping networks of lawyers meet the legal needs of their community.

We're proud to receive support and recognition from leading nonprofits and technology organizations.

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Do you need software for a lawyer directory or referral service?

Bar associations, incubators, and other legal networks use our platform to create and manage their own referral service and lawyer directories.

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Do you want to find or share practical, legal know-how?

Lawyers use our platform to find and share original resources like pleadings, checklists, and how-to guides with each other.

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Mission-First Technology

Launched out of the Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood social impact incubator, we place mission first when building software.

Access to Justice

We are committed to doing our part to bridge the access to justice gap. That’s why we build low cost or no cost tech to support bar associations and legal service providers.

Public Benefit Corporation

We incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation — a new kind of legal structure that requires us to balance what’s good for our bottom line with what’s good for the community.

Demonstrated Commitment

Our team has a track record of social impact, working for organizations like the Legal Aid Society of New York and contributing to a wide range of civic technology projects.