Case Studies

Legal professionals use to save time, create new revenue streams, and increase access to justice. Here are a few of their stories.

Scaling legal aid with technology

How a legal aid App was reported on by the New York Times and duplicated by public service organizations across the country, including the Debt Collective in California and the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland.

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Automating expungements to generate new business

How a criminal expungement App, and some clever marketing, simultaneously creates a buzz that generates leads and provides a public service.

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Selling a $1,000 service for $110 and capturing a market

How a solo practicioner developed his own discretionary trust automations and undercut large tech companies to capture an underserved market.

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Document automation for law firms — how to make a system

Choose how you want to automate documents: by syncing with a database or with an online form? In either case, the key to success is to think in terms of systems.

Document automation

Building Apps for pro se litigants in California

An interview with Jack Madans, Digital Service Principal, about how the JCC uses to rapidly prototype expert systems that assemble documents.

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What if there was an app for medical debt?

DebtBrief is an online questionnaire that helps you learn how to defend yourself and assemble the documents required for a medical debt case.

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Helping tenants keep their home during COVID

How two tenant advocacy organizations teamed up to quickly build a 'letter sender' App on the platform.

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