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Generate a simple agreement for future equity
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This app generates a post-money simple agreement for future equity (called "SAFE" for short) based on Y Combinator's SAFE forms. The generated SAFE comes in four types:

- Discount, no valuation cap
- Valuation cap, no discount
- Discount and valuation cap; or
- Most-Favored-Nation clause, no valuation cap, no discount

The app also offers you the option of generating a Pro Rata Side Letter.

For more information on post-money SAFEs, please refer to Y Combinator's website: This app is free to use and duplicate. The SAFE forms themselves are used with the permission of Y Combinator Management LLC and are their copyrights. The forms are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 License (International). You may modify the forms so you can use them in transactions, but cannot publicly disseminate a modified version of the forms without asking Y Combinator first.

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