New York Power of Attorney: Planning in the Age of Coronavirus & Covid-19

By Joe Rosenberg

This app will help you learn about and complete a NY Power of Attorney that names an agent to manage your money, property, and finances.
New York Power of Attorney Money, property, & finances
New York
Areas of law
Power of attorney, advance directives, living wills

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NY Power of Attorney: Planning in the Age of Coronavirus and Covid-19
By Joseph A. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law, Professor, CUNY Law School

This NY Power of Attorney app will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a NY Power of Attorney.

First, it will give you information about a NY Power of Attorney so you can make informed decisions.

It will then ask you to answer a series of questions. Your answers will "populate" a NY Power of Attorney.

You will be able to save and print a complete NY Power of Attorney. The guided interview also includes directions for completing and signing the NY Power of Attorney before a notary public so it is legally valid.

These directions include the requirements for signing the document remotely with a notary public under Gov. Cuomo's Executive Order 202.7, which became effective on March 19, 2020 and will remain in effect during the Coronavirus Covid-19 emergency.

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