Client Portal

Reward clients with a new experience

Build your own branded web portals for clients and customers to access custom libraries of legal apps.

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Tailor to clients

Customize the legal apps each client has access to.

Offer subscriptions

Charge monthly or flat fees to your clients.

Re-use data

Gather data once and re-use across all apps for an individual user.

Display records

Coming soon — Let clients store, view, and edit their data and documents.

Client Experience

Delight clients with an intuitive online portal

Sign up

Start by inviting your users to create an account in your web portal. The portal's domain and logo are branded to you.

Pay (optional)

Before your users can access the portal, you can require that they pay a one-time fee or sign up for a recurring subscription. Users can update their payment details at any time directly through the portal.

Run apps

Once logged in, your users have access to the list of apps that you've curated for them — ensuring each of your users has an experience tailored to their needs.


Explore a Client Portal

Demo a Client Portal from the perspective of a small business. Describe your company, hire employees, and request document review from your lawyer.

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Client portals are great for:

Small business toolkit

Empower your SMB clients with a toolkit for automatically generating common contracts like noncompetes and sale-purchase agreements.

IP document review

Let corporate clients submit their patents and other IP paperwork and instantly populate the documents for your legal team's review.

DIY divorce product

Launch your own do-it-yourself legal product that helps members of the public draft divorce pleadings and support documents.

User testimonials

Ashley McGee

Memphis Bar Association

“I was surprised by the intuitiveness of the platform as well as the limitless possibilities. I could not believe how quickly I was able to build out the first phase of our statewide intake app after consulting’s user guide and one brief conference call.”

Josh Waddell

Siskind Susser

“We have been building expert systems at our law firm for well over three years and Community.Lawyer has set itself apart. Whether it’s their excellent support, out-of-the-box ideas, or their app marketplace, Community.Lawyer is helping us redefine what it means to deliver quality legal service.”

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You can build and test apps for free (only pay when you’re ready to launch). Follow this tutorial to learn how to build a Power of Attorney self-help app, then start building your own:

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Our app developers are faster and more affordable than traditional developers. You’ll work with us to plan and design your app then sit back as it is built for you.

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