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Legal Apps can take many shapes

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Intake with conditional questions that only collect information you need.


Forget find-and-replace. Assemble document templates by pulling data directly from Clio.

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Go head-to-head with LegalZoom by offering your own legal apps to the public.

Use Case

Generate new leads

Build a do-it-yourself app that lets anyone who visits your website draft a bundle of legal documents. You can charge for use of the app or even use it to generate leads for your firm by giving users the option to click a button and populate a contact in your Clio dashboard.

Use Case

Automate documents

Build dynamic document templates that pull data out of your Clio dashboard. This goes beyond mere “find and replace” — Your templates can incorporate complex rules that allow you to customize documents with a few simple clicks to fit any fact pattern.

What is it like to build legal apps?

“Game changer”

Amanda B, Louisiana Bar Foundation

“Literally amazing”

Jonathan P, Better Law

“This is the future”

Mwago G, Developer

“A revelation”

Greg A, Debt Brief

“Un [bleeping] believable”

Willie P, Law office of William C. Peacock


Mitch S, Law Student

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