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Explore a Web Portal for Small Business Clients

Demo this example Client Portal from the perspective of a small business interested in basic, transactional legal services — You can build own version of this.

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About this Demo

The development platform consists of three products: Apps, Workbases, and Client Portals. In this demo, you can see how Client Portals are used to package and distribute Apps and Workbases through an account system that you have full control over.

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This demo portal includes:

  1. Intake App: An online form that guides the user through a series of questions about their business and ends by prompting them to create an account;

  2. Document automation Apps: There are two Apps in this portal that help the user create legal documents: one for hiring, another for fundraising;

  3. Request for services Apps: Two more Apps helps the user request services from the portal administrator, including the review of new documents;

  4. Workbase integration: The tables in this portal are actually pieces of the portal adminstrator's Workbase. This portal is designed so that the user only sees their data.


You can build and test your own version of this portal for free, but in order to have real users you will need at least a Starter subscription ($50 / month) — View pricing

  • Intake App

  • User dashboard

  • Legal service Apps

  • Workbase integrations

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Fully customizable

This portal was built on, the most powerful development platform for legal service professionals. You have full control over what you build and a tremendous amount of power with which to build unprecedented, consumer legal products.

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