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Docassemble Toolkit is a support platform for Docassemble, the open-source expert system designed for legal services. You can use Docassemble to build intake surveys, chatbots, form builders, and pro se navigators. Along the way, Docassemble Toolkit will help you with everything from technical issues (e.g. deployment & hosting) to business development (e.g. project sourcing).

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Easily store, view, & download answers

Use the Toolkit's Answers service to store, view, and download responses to your Docassemble interviews. Your first 1,000 responses each month are stored free of charge.


Start using Docassemble

Deploy Docker

Set up cloud hosting

Encrypt communications

Build your legal app

Instantly start
using Docassemble

Skip straight to building with Docker installation + cloud hosting + SSL encryption at the push of a button.

Cloud hosting via Docassemble Toolkit costs about the same as hosting directly through AWS or Azure. Hosting Specifications: 2GiB of memory + 10GiB of storage.

Free Docassemble
job leads

Get free Docassemble project proposals from Community.lawyer's diverse array of LRS platform users, including bar associations, legal incubators, and law firms.

Support the
Docassemble community

A portion of all profits we generate from the Toolkit are used to support the development of Docassemble. This year's donation will support Docacon, the inagural Docassemble conference.

This is such a great development. Developers can now choose between teaching themselves DNS, SSL, Docker, AWS, and S3, or pressing a button on Docassemble Toolkit.

Jonathan Pyle

Creator of Docassemble

Engage, Collaborate, and Grow

Join the growing Docassemble community and help shape the future of legal services.

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Docassemble job notifications


Receive project leads based on your interests. We source from our large -- and growing -- network of partner legal organizations.

Instantly create your own Docassemble

$25 per instance / month

The fastest way to start using Docassemble. Pushbutton set-up of Docker, cloud hosting, and SSL encryption. Includes hosting costs!

View answers to your interviews


Store, view, and download up to 1,000 answers to your Docassemble interviews every month -- completely free of charge.

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Docassemble Examples

Tranform your legal expertise into powerful applications that improve internal workflows, collect information from clients, and empower pro se litigants

Internal Workflows

Internal document assemblers help lawyers rapidly create pleadings and forms and populate them based on the facts and issues of each case matter.

Intake Surveys

Intake questionnaires help clients relay pertinent facts and share essential documents, speeding up the onboarding process and reducing the cost of legal services.

Legal Navigators

Guided interviews help people without lawyers better understand their options and avoid potential pitfalls as they try to navigate the complexities of the court system.


Expert systems like Docassemble are types of software that help users make decisions, get advice, or just relay information. Although the name focuses on creating "documents", Docassemble is a flexible expert system that can be leveraged across a wide range of different use cases -- including assembling documents like pleadings, filing applications, storing or transmitting user inputs, or generating recommendations. Whether you're building the next Turbotax or just trying to speed up work at your firm, an expert system could be the solution for you.

The best place to start is at the source: the Docassemble website . The Docassemble website has extensive documentation -- covering everything from setup to scalability. We recommend you also check out the Docassemble slack channel or this tutorial on how to create a simple interview.

No. All credit is due to creator Jonathan Pyle and the community of contributors who have been working on the Docassemble open-source project for the last several years. What Community.lawyer created is an independent application called "Docassemble Toolkit". Docassemble Toolkit is a set of services that are aimed at supporting and growing the impact of Docassemble.