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Document automation tutorial

Document automation 101: build a system

If you're looking to jump right into building a complete, but miniature system for collect data, storing it online, then using it to populate templates, this tutorial is for you.

Tutorial outline

Intro to Workbases

Your Workbase is the backbone of your document automation system. It may look like a simple online spreadsheet, but later in this tutorial we'll build Apps that add data to, and pull data from, this Workbase.

Collecting data
Build an intake app

What makes a Workbase powerful is that it can integrate with Apps. Let's build your first App: one that populates this Workbase with data directly from clients.

Automating documents
Start a document automation app
Build a Word template

This App will be similar to the one we just built, except that it will have only 1 block and it won't ask any questions. Instead, this App just pulls data out of a Workbase and populates a Word template.

Go further

Well done! You know everything you need to build a robust document automation system for yourself and your staff. But don't stop now; things are just getting interesting.