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We’re excited to work with you to combine your community with our technology — together we can shape the future of the legal profession.

With our App Builder, your members can easily create powerful legal service apps for internal document automation, modern client experiences, and so much more. You will also receive your own branded app directory, positioning your association as the local hub for lawyers interested in modernizing their law practices. has a long-standing commitment to building technology to support the work of bar associations, and our technology is currently used to power dozens of bar referral services across the country. Learn more about our work with bar associations here.

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Build your own law firm automations

The best way to start is by following a tutorial for the type of automation you want to build. Remember, you can test every part of for free, so go ahread and build a prototype and share it with others to get buy-in.

Discover pre-made automations and templates

The marketplace includes automations made by other legal professionals that are free or for sale.


The fastest way to add automations to your firm

Hire us to transform your documents into automation-ready templates so that you can save time, reduce error, and create new revenue streams.

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