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Use Case

Build Apps that Assemble Legal Documents

Document assembly apps help you — and the people you serve — effortlessly prepare legal documents while cutting down on rote data entry and drafting errors. The use cases for document assembly apps range from internal workflow automations to public-facing lead generation and information apps. is here to help you explore these possibilities.

Step 1

Create a document template

  • Use the template editor to connect your apps to PDF documents by assigning variables for the data and signatures your app collects.
  • Create fillable PFDs without the need for another platform like Adobe Acrobat, Webmerge, or PDF Filler.
  • Create dynamic and beautiful documents with our Microsoft Word plugin (Coming soon!)

Step 2

Build a questionnaire to collect data

  • Use the App Builder to quickly author a questionnaire that collects data from the end-user, which can be you, another lawyer, or a client.
  • Add complex logic to show/hide questions or create branching logic.

Step 3

Activate your app for public or private use

  • Activating your app for public use (sharing it across the network) is free; keep your app private for a small fee (see pricing).
  • Download your code at any time. Your app is built on the leading open-source expert system, Docassemble.

Example document assembly apps

Example Apps

Estate Planning Client Intake

This app provides a model for conducting client intake for estate planning matters.

Rent Overcharge Claim (Form RA-89)

For a New York tenant to submit a complaint that their landlord has violated the conditions of the apartment's rent control status.

Form a Delaware Company

A demonstration of how can be used to generate corporate filings.

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