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Work with us was founded in a social impact incubator — we know firsthand how important early-stage support and mentorship is to the development of new, innovative endeavors. That's why we created this Lawyer Incubator Partnership Program.

We want to see more solo and small firm practices that provide quality, accessible legal services, and believe technology can play an important role in that. If your incubator shares this belief, we'd love to hear from you and discuss how we can work together to foster innovative service delivery.

With our App Builder, your incubator participants can easily create powerful legal service apps for internal document automation, modern client experiences, and so much more. You will also receive your own branded app directory, letting your incubator serve as a local hub for legal innovation.

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*If your org can't receive such revenue, the funds are donated to support legal aid and/or the open-source project.

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I've looked into a lot of different options for building my own expert system. I tried Webmerge combined with Zapier and it didn't work as I wanted. I even talked to someone about building something from scratch but it was too expensive. It was such a revelation when I discovered this.

Greg Anjewierden, CEO @

Seriously amazing and a game changer. It's made my job a lot easier and more productive.

Amanda Brown, Legal Tech Consultant @ Louisiana Bar Foundation's App Builder is fantastic! It was a breeze to set up a new form and then overlay the data on a very complicated PDF. Within a couple of hours I had three application forms (totaling nearly 40 pages) completed and ready to roll out to clients. Thanks so much CL!

Dan Beeby, CTO @ Benefit Kitchen

Examples of what other lawyers are building

Example Apps

Estate Planning Client Intake

This app provides a model for conducting client intake for estate planning matters.

Rent Overcharge Claim (Form RA-89)

For a New York tenant to submit a complaint that their landlord has violated the conditions of the apartment's rent control status.

Form a Delaware Company

A demonstration of how can be used to generate corporate filings.

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How law firms can use document assembly to find new clients

Learn how to create a document assembler in 5 minutes

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