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How to build Legal Apps

Getting Started

The best way to learn how to build legal apps is to follow a tutorial for the specific type of app you're interested in.

We also have a series of videos that illustrate aspects of building apps. For a comprehensive explanation of how building apps works, see our user manual.

You are joining a large community of legal app developers. You can explore apps made by others or "recipe apps" that showcase different features. We encourage you to join our slack (i.e. chatroom) where you can interact with us and other app builders.

Please don't hesitate to schedule free 30-minute consultation with our support team. Or text us right now! Just click the pink chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.


Build your first Legal App

Learn everything required to build a complete, minimal app that (1) collects data via a questionnaire and (2) drafts a Word document. Perfect for first-time Legal App developers.

Automate documents with a database

If you know what data you want to add to a document, you shouldn’t re-enter it for each draft. It is far more efficient to enter it once into a table, and then pull the data out on an as-needed basis for each document.

Clio automations

Learn how to build two apps: (1) Power of Attorney creator that you can put on your website to generate leads (i.e. Contacts) in Clio; and (2) An app that pulls data out of Clio Matters and populates document templates.

Get Help

Building legal apps can be challenging, but help is available. Reach out to us or connect with fellow legal app developers.

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Join our Slack (chatroom) and meet other legal app developers. This is a great way to stay up-to-date with all the changes and discussions in the legal app community.

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