You can send data out, and pull data in, from your app. This allows you to create powerful, multi-app workflows (e.g. where one app collects data and another app uses it).

Getting Started

There are 5 different options for sending / pulling data.

1. Workbase

You can build a database directly in using Workbases. This is the recommend method of using data.

2. Third-Party Database

You can connect your apps to Google Sheets or Clio.

3. Add a Table to Your App

You should add a table to your app if there is 1 piece of inforamation that, if you collected it from the end-user, would allow you to infer many other pieces of information.

4. Webhooks

You can send data out of your app via webhook to any third-party API (if they allow it).

5. Responses

By default, your app will stores responses from each session (each time someone uses your app) under the Responses tab.

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