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This is the fastest way to add automations to your practice — Hire us to help you shape and build your ideas for automations that save time, reduce error, and create new revenue streams.

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Create a system of automations that allow you to focus on high-impact work that requires your unique attention. All automations are built to your exact specifications, so you don’t need to change the way you work — just improve it.

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We build your automations quickly and affordably because we don’t build from scratch — instead, we leverage the App Builder, the most powerful “no code” development platform for legal service professionals.

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Example automations

Intake form

Lengthy client intake form that has branching logic and lets clients save their progress.

“Our intake form is quite lengthy and if an attorney fills it out on a client’s behalf it ends up costing the client hundreds of dollars. This tool allows the client to fill in the form themselves. All data is then reviewed by the attorney before being used to automate documents.”

Cost to build


Cost to host

$35 / month

Self-help for simple wills

Questionnaire that helps the public draft a simple will for a fee or upgrade to get help from an attorney for more complex wills.

“We serve a remote community with almost no online resources created, and supported, by law firms — the purpose of this tool is to fill this gap. We want to provide a low-cost, self-help tool that also refers individuals to our firm for more complex issues.”

Cost to build


Cost to host

$65 / month

Client update letter

An app that populates a Word template by pulling client info from an online form and a table.

“Our criminal law firm needs to routinely update clients on the status of their case, and incarcerated clients can only receive paper letters. Firm staff would have to draft, print, and mail the same letter over and over.”

Cost to build


Cost to host

$35 / month

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