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Create custom web apps for your law practice

Law Guides is a low-cost, flat-fee app development service for law firms. You can build a variety of apps, including chatbots, document assembly programs, and client intake surveys.

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Why build a Law Guide?

Better client experience

With clients more tech savvy than ever, they increasingly expect service delivery models that incorporate modern work processes like online communication, automated scheduling, and digital signatures.

Unlock process automations

Identify repeated processes in your firm and turn them into automated web applications, freeing up more time to serve clients.

Escape the billable hour

The billable hour is a cap on your firm's revenue potential. Infusing software into your practice allows you to offer legal expertise as a hybrid product-service and scale the impact of your knowledge.


Here are a few examples of what you can build. Don't see your ideal Law Guide? Don't worry ― get in touch and we'll gladly help you build it.



With a custom chatbot, your law firm can enhance its website and turn more clicks into clients. Create conversational questionnaires that automate lead qualification, intake, and appointment scheduling.

Example cost
Development services Starting at $100
Hosting $30/month
Technical support Free


Legal Checkups

Collect qualified referrals by providing your community with an app they can use to diagnose their legal situation. Legal checkups help your firm cut through the noise of traditional legal advertising by providing the public with immediate value.

Example cost
Development services Starting at $350
Hosting $40/month
Technical support Free


Document Automation

Save time and reduce errors on rote data entry and document drafting. Reduce a 45-minute process to 10 minutes and create professional looking documents every time. This app can even provide you with a worry-free way to delegate drafting and data entry to junior staff.

Example cost
Development services Starting at $600
Hosting $35/month
Technical support Free



Flat fee

Based on the complexity of your app. Factors include:

  • Depth of decision-tree.
  • Variability of any documents assembled.
  • Whether you use a template.


$30 - 50 per month

Based on domain configuration, reliability needs, and traffic.

  • Custom domain
  • SSL

Technical Support


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We build products for legal services because we’re interested in growing a business that makes our society more just. Our goal is to help lawyers leverage technology to provide quality services to their community.

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Who are we?

We are, a team of public service-driven lawyers, engineers, and designers with a track record of social impact work at organizations like the Legal Aid Society and ACLU. We have deep expertise in software development, shipping scores of products and features for Fortune 500 companies in diverse sectors like media, travel, and retail.

We’re committed to developing technology to break down the barriers of cost and capacity that separate everyday Americans from quality legal help. Every choice we make as a company, every product we design, every partnership we form — we measure against that standard.

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