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Whether you run a law firm or a network of lawyers, has built a free, ethical way for you to reach clients.

Do you want to amplify your legal network's impact?

Operate a trusted, consumer-friendly online portal to support your network of lawyers.

  • Intake made easy

    Provide a seamless, mobile-optimized way for new clients to connect with your network.

  • Measure impact

    Automatically follow up with clients, gather data, and track your network's impact.

  • Ethical & free

    Our consumer portal technology is free — no setup cost, subscriptions, or transaction fees.


Do you want to grow your law firm?

Join the directory to connect with everyday people with legal needs.

  • Reach new clients

    Spend more time lawyering, less time marketing.

  • Make an impact

    Offer sliding-scale fees and become a resource for your community.

  • Ethical & free

    Our directory is free — no fee splitting, pay for placement, or subscriptions.

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