A database optimized for document automation

Cloud-based spreadsheet that easily integrates with Apps and Client Portals. The foundation of your firm's automation system.

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Make your data useful with a database that integrates with automations

What you can do

Connect intake Apps to programatically collect new data for your review.

Two-click document automation.

Share your Workbase with staff or sell it to other legal professionals.

Automate documents in two-clicks

  • 1.

    Select a row of data;

  • 2.

    Select a App that produces the desired document template(s). That's it.

Example Workflow

Client provides data

Collect data directly from clients with online intake forms or self-help tools.

Store in Workbase

Send the data collected by your online form to the database for storage and later use.

Review and edit

Review and edit the data stored in your database whenever you want.

Automate documents

Click a button and instantly populate document templates with data from your Database.

How do you want to get started?

Build your own law firm automations

The best way to start is by following a tutorial for the type of automation you want to build. Remember, you can test every part of the for free, so go ahread and build a prototype and share it with others to get buy-in.

Discover pre-made automations and templates

The marketplace includes automations made by other legal professionals that are free or for sale.


The fastest way to add automations to your firm

Hire us to transform your documents into automation-ready templates so that you can save time, reduce error, and create new revenue streams.

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