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Case studies

What is a legal practice automation?

The tech is quite simple. The true innovation is how you use to create custom solutions for your practice. Features include:

Guided interviews
Document automation
Automated emails
Client portals

Selling a $1,000 service for $110 and capturing a market

How a solo practicioner developed his own discretionary trust automations and undercut large tech companies to capture an underserved market.

Document automation that goes beyond "find & replace"

Choose how you want to automate documents: by syncing with a database or with an online form? Law firms use to create bespoke document automation systems.

Helping renters send declarations to landlords

Helping tenants opt into CDC eviction moratorium. This App was featured in New York Times and duplicated by legal aids across the country.

Bootstrapping a statewide Legal Navigator Portal

How Louisiana stopped waiting for a national Legal Navigator Portal and built their own, quickly and affordably.

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No technical experience is required to use our "no code" development platform. Visit the University for goal-oriented tutorials, detailed lessons, and even design critiques of other automations.

As soon as you create a free account, you will have access to all three products that make up the development platform:

App Builder

If you can build online forms, you can use the App Builder to create guided interviews that populate documents, connect with databases, collect e-signatures, payments, and more.



Spreadsheets that are optimized for document automation. Connect a Workbase to Apps to collect and organize data that can be used with one-click to automate document templates. Your Workbase is the backbone of your automation system; if you've used Google Sheets or AirTable, this will be easy.


Client Portal

Provide your users with a personalized dashboard of Apps and private databases, meaning your users can access their data but no one else's.


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