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Technology to help your legal network grow its impact

Schedule demo enables bar associations, law incubators, and other public-interest legal networks to create and manage their own branded lawyer directory or referral service. Marrying modern design principles with rigorous attention to ethical compliance, our portal technology is a free, customizable way to provide the public with the 24/7 online experience they’ve come to expect but from a local nonprofit they can trust.


Seamless intake

Our user-friendly, plain-language intake portal helps consumers easily submit requests for legal help.


Robust account system

Our account system allows administrators to oversee their network and members to manage their profiles.


Optional features

Our software supports a range of customizations, including features for unbundled services and scaling fees.

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We take ethics seriously.

At, we design our technology with rigorous attention to the rules of professional conduct.

No fee splitting

Legal ethics committees and regulators have cautioned that a business model risks violating fee splitting rules when it’s based on the percentage of legal fees facilitated or clients obtained via the service. That’s why we’re committed to never charging for our consumer portal technology.

Protecting sensitive data

Lawyers have a professional obligation to only use technology that adequately safeguards the communications of clients and potential clients. Our software was built with that in mind — and implements industry-standard data security protocols upon which legal networks can rely.

Why it's free

Like many technology companies, we’re building our business around a core, free service that people love to use — and then supporting it with optional features that people can choose to pay for.

For, that means we will keep our underlying LRIS and legal directory technology free, now and forever. Over time, we will supplement that technology with a first-of-its-kind toolkit to help lawyers support each other, collaborate, and serve more clients.

As the publisher of this toolkit, we will charge for its use — but it will always be optional. That’s our promise.

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